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  5. Ideal 1 Pole Electricity Meter 45A KDEM-1P LCD – 19343

Ideal 1 Pole Electricity Meter 45A KDEM-1P LCD – 19343

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Ideal 1 Pole Electricity Meter 45A KDEM-1P LCD – 19343

Part No                   Description 

19343                         1 Pole Electricity Meter 45A KDEM-1P LCD

The KDEM-1P LCD is a device designed for monitoring electric power consumption in three-phase installations. It can be used in commercial and industrial applications. It measures and displays active power consumption (kWh). The meter uses the direct-measurement method 5A (100A). The KDEM-1P LCD is a meter compliant with the MID directive (accuracy-class B). It is equipped with additional pulsed output, which affords the capability to measure electric-power consumption remotely. The meter can be installed on DIN rails (TH35). The meter is pre-sealed, and it is also possible to seal the covers of the clamps for supply lines.
General Data
Colour: white
Place of assembly: rail TH35
Place of application: Indoors
Supply-voltage tolerance: +/- 10%
Measuring diode: yes
Length [mm]: 17.5
Width [mm]: 17.5
Height [mm]: 113
Technical Data
Rated voltage [V]: 230 AC
Rated frequency [Hz]: 50
Ambient temperature range to which the product can be
exposed: -10÷35
Connection type: Terminal block
Range of sections of wires used [mm²]: 2,5-6
Measuring diode – pulse weight [p/KWh]: 2000
Number of modules: 1
Maximum current [A]: 45
IP class: 20
Counter measuring range: 99999,99
Prąd bazowy [A]: 0,25-5
Minimum current [A]: 0.02
Meter constant [Wh/imp]: 0.5
Pulse output: S0+S0- | <27V DC | <27mA
Internal power consumption [VA]: max ≤4
Measurement precision class: B