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Di-Log 1000V Non Contact Voltage Detector – DL107

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Di-Log 1000V Non Contact Voltage Detector – DL107

Part No                    Description

DL107                       1000V Non Contact Voltage Detector

24-1000V CAT IV Non contact Voltage Indicator with LED Torch

The all new Non Contact Voltage Detectors from Di-LOG offer advanced features enabling the detector to be utilised for many applications across the maintenance, plumbing and electrical industry.  With a CAT IV 1000V safety rating, the DL107 gives the user a high level of safety, making it an essential tool for everyday use.

The DL107 offers a Non contact- optical and acoustic indication of AC voltages between 24-1000V, boasting two selectable  levels of detection, “High Voltage Mode” suitable for detecting domestic electrical supply and three-phase systems and a “Low Voltage Mode” designed for testing low-voltage motors (<90V), audio systems, arc welding equipment, cables with a thick layer of insulation and other weak electromagnetic AC signals.


  • Contact-free audible and visual indication of AC voltages between 24 and 1000 V AC
  • Clear, omni-directional flashing LED with audible alarm
  • High and Low voltage mode for general or weak electromagnetic field
  • Built in LED flash light
  • Quick and accurate detection of cable breaks
  • Phase detection in sockets
  • Auto power off with electronic switch to avoid nuisance buzzing and extends battery life
  • CAT IV 1000V Safety Rating
  • Supplied complete with 1.5 V AAA batteries


DL107 Voltage Detector
Indication LED and Audible Alarm
Voltage range “High” 90 – 1000 V AC
Voltage range “Low” 24 – 1000V AC
Operation Mode Automatic Indication
LED flashlight
Auto Power Off Approx 5 Minutes
Low battery indication <2.4V
Drop Tested 1 Meter
Operating temperature 0° to 40°C
Overvoltage category Cat IV / 1000 V
Power supply 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
Dimensions 150 x 18 x 23 mm
Weight 50 g