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Deligo Loose Bolt ZY

£16.44£64.81 Excl. VAT

Deligo Loose Bolt ZY
Material: Steel (8.8 Bolts)
Usage: Heavy duty installation, ideal when heavy items have to be slid into place
Application: Holding down machinery, structure fixings (Strut accessories) & switchgear
Substrate Applicable: Concrete, Stone & Solid brickwork
IL610 M6 x 60mm Loose Bolt
IL630 M6 x 80mm Loose Bolt
IL810 M8 x 60mm Loose Bolt
IL830 M8 x 80mm Loose Bolt
IL1010 M10 x 70mm Loose Bolt
IL1030 M10 x 90mm Loose Bolt
IL1050 M10 x 115mm Loose Bolt
IL1210 M12 x 80mm Loose Bolt
IL1230 M12 x 100mm Loose Bolt

Deligo Loose Bolt Specification Sheet

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